Pool Service Maintenance


Serrano Swimming Pool Service Maintenance
Serrano Swimming Pool Service Maintenance


To keep your pool at the proper chemical levels and to preserve your equipment your pool should be service once  a week.

Servicing your pool once a weekwill actually save you money in the long run.  Here's how:

1.  Pool Chemicals are made to last for a ceratin period of time, (about a week).  If you go beyond that time, algie starts to grow (along with otherimproper chemical reactions) , then when you come back to the pool, you have to add more chemicals then you would have used orgignally if your pool was on a weekly chemical service routine.

2.  Equipment failures are much more likely when  a pool is not service properly.  Leaves, grass and other debris start to clogg up the skim basket or pump basket.  When too much debris is in the baskets, your pump has to work extra hard to draw enough water through the filter.  This puts a big strain on the (typically) most expesive part of your pool.

3. If your pool is not on a regular service routine, then the chemicals are out of balance way more often than they are in balance even if you have someone servicing the pook every two weeks.  This imbalance means that you're always playing "catch-up" with your pool and using chemicals at a higher rate than if you were on a weekly schedule, thus costing you MORE money and leaving you with a pool that never quite looks correct. (because it isn't)

If you want to save money and see your pool looking bright and sparkly all year round you reall need to keep in on a weekly service routine.